Here Are Some Of The Common Causes.

Dec 19, 2016

This article will provide you with information on some common eye problems in infants, children and adults. Here are some of the common causes. Most people who suffer from it bleed for a long time after an injury or accident, as their blood takes time to clot. Focus on a single point located at around 10 feet away from you for 25 seconds and then change your focus on a point on an object kept very close to your eyes. Even vomiting and lifting a heavy object can cause a subconjunctival haemorrhage or burst blood vessel in the eye. Let us take a better look into this... It can be caused by several factors, of which some are minor and do not cause any serious injury to the eye. Visiting your physician is the safest way to diagnose and treat any health condition.

Treatment for dry eyes includes, using artificial tears after consulting a doctor as they help soothe dry eyes and also relieve all the symptoms associated with them. Encephalitis, a rare life-threatening disease, is the inflammation of the brain caused by viral infection. If none of these work, a surgery may be recommended by the doctor.

subconjunctival hemorrhage